Tuesday, March 27, 2012

RBMC week 11 sketch

This weeks challenge over at RBMC Central is to re-imagine an artistic masterpiece. I chose to use Ingres - "La Grande Odalisque" (1814), but you know instead of a turkish prostitue... I drew a sexy (If you're into that) robot chick!

So, in the spirit of any high school math test, I'm showing my work below, or you can skip all these shenanigans and check out the finished piece over here.  

Just a sketch...for now.

Greyscale values added to the original scanned sketch

Here I have the basic color for the image digitally painted, I do this by adding a "multiply" layer and a "color" layer over the grayscale image. I also re-cropped the image because I noticed that the original masterwork that I used for inspiration was more of a rectangle then my drawing, and I wanted to emulate that piece a bit more.  

Now go look at the Finished Art

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