Tuesday, March 27, 2012

RBMC week 11 sketch

This weeks challenge over at RBMC Central is to re-imagine an artistic masterpiece. I chose to use Ingres - "La Grande Odalisque" (1814), but you know instead of a turkish prostitue... I drew a sexy (If you're into that) robot chick!

So, in the spirit of any high school math test, I'm showing my work below, or you can skip all these shenanigans and check out the finished piece over here.  

Just a sketch...for now.

Greyscale values added to the original scanned sketch

Here I have the basic color for the image digitally painted, I do this by adding a "multiply" layer and a "color" layer over the grayscale image. I also re-cropped the image because I noticed that the original masterwork that I used for inspiration was more of a rectangle then my drawing, and I wanted to emulate that piece a bit more.  

Now go look at the Finished Art

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Kirk Kicks Ass!

William Shatner turned 81 today, and my "inner trekkie" wanted to draw Kirk, and every now and then I give in to said "inner trekkie"!  This drawing is black and white, but if you imagined the busty damsel with the antennas as being green (or blue) skinned you may have an "inner trekkie" too.

Monday, March 19, 2012

RBMC Remembering Moebius

Inked version

Pencil drawing

This week on RBMC Blog we decided to dedicate the weeks topic to late great illustrator Jean "Moebius" Giraud. This drawing is of U.S. Cavalry Lieutenant Mike Blueberry, one of Moebius's many beloved characters. 

This drawing was done mostly with pitt brush markers on 18"x 24" paper. below are the pencil drawing and the final inked version. 

While I was drawing this I had an image in my mind of how I imagined it would look if this was one of Moebius's drawings, and I originally tried to emulate that imagined drawing, but I soon realized that such a thing was impossible, I can only draw how I draw, and I have to accept that. Once I did, I felt much beter about this drawing. 

You can see a computer colored version of this drawing posted at RMBC central, as well as all of the other "Rust Belter's" Moebius tributes.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Ralph McQuarrie Tribute

And now for something I don't usually do ...Process shots! 

This is my initial sketchbook sketch of what I wanted to draw for this weeks RBMC blog tribute to the amazing concept artist Ralph McQuarrie. This sketch is very lose and fast and really just to get an idea out of my head and to warm me up for drawing.

Okay we're in photoshop now, I just started by laying down some color on a multiply layer over the line work,just to get a basic sense of what I want my color to be. After this I start modeling with color (or the hard/fun part if you will).

And now the part of the drawing were I pay for my laziness earlier in the process, I'm not happy with the composition and I remove Luke, also not being happy with Darth's pose I change that as well. This is easy enough to do in photoshop, but that's one of my bad habits, someday I hope to break.

To see the final finished (redundant I know, I still like the phrase) image head over here RBMC to the blog