Friday, December 16, 2011

She's painted...GOLD!

This piece is a finished color drawing from a sketch that was done at Dr. Sketchy Cleveland, it was a "James Bond"tribute theme so our model was painted gold from head to toe, it was pretty awesome.  There are some progress shots of this drawing (very rare for me), as well,  that I find interesting, so they're here too.

From today until early March, the finished piece is hanging in a show called "Winter Soiree" at Cleveland Exotic Dance Studio, it should be pretty cool.

This is the finished piece, it was done with colored pencils, it's been a long time since I colored something using traditional media instead of a computer, so it was fun/a bit challenging to do it this way. I'm happy with the overall result...(for now)

This is a progress shot of the piece before colored it. It is graphite and white colored pencil on a grey toned paper. I redrew this from my initial sketch done with the live model. I really liked the drawing at this stage and was incredibly tempted to keep it like this, but as you see I sacked up and colored the damn thing.

and finally here is the original sketch drawn at Dr. Sketchy Cleveland, its a 20 minute study on rough brown toned paper done in blue ball point pen and whiteout (I'm fancy), this is was the last sketch of the night so I was a bit tired (and maybe a little intoxicated), but I still think it turned out okay, in fact there are more than a few aspects of this piece that were lost in the finished image, her facial expression and some subtleties in her pose being examples of that.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Harley Quinn

I really like Harley Quinn's classic costume and not so much her current NuDCU one, so I tried to combine the two of them. I was kinda happy with this sketch until i scanned it and uploaded it to the blog, when I noticed that her red head thingy didn't connect to her head at the right spot, so I decided to try and fix it, but I think that I kinda got carried away and ended up overworking the whole thing...oh well maybe next time I'll get it right.

First pass: colored pencil, marker, red head thingy not in the right place.

Second pass: red acrylic paint, marker, messed up her face, killed all tonal value in red areas...oops (its late I should have known better)


Quick 5 minute sketch

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Dr Sketchy's Bond Night!

Villains always have more fun.

Ghost Girl

One of my favorite comic book characters to draw + ...Some of my other favorite things to draw = All good

Blue Betty

Blue pencil; from a photo of the beautiful Betty Page.

Wonder Woman

I love drawing Wonder Woman, I wonder why, hmm...


Cherry La Voix

Fever Blister Aug 2011

Random Sketchy

Blue Ball (point pens) are fun