Friday, February 3, 2012

An (almost) overlooked "Very Frazetta X-mas" Dr. Sketchy

Well I was about to post some new drawings from last weeks Dr. Sketchy Cleveland , and I realized that I had not posted any images from last months Dr. Sketchy. It was  "a Very Frazetta X-mas" and it was awesome!

This was my favorite image from the night. If I had some more reference of this pose I might turn this into a finished piece, I might try anyway, I like it enough. It is ball point on rough sketch paper  with whiteout, I messed with the original face a bit in photoshop.

I tried some color on this one with mixed results, I like the shadows on her face, but the rest needs lots of work.

And then there was this one, I was really liking it and happy with a lot of the drawing, until I got... distracted (I sure you can see how) and waaay over rendered one face. Maybe I'll finish this one too, so I can redeem myself with that face.

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